The experience of Argentina and Chile is the experience of the difference. The truths that we live in Europe don´t work on South. The sky is different, the cold comes from from the south, dimensions are huge – we should travel much more than 200 km to change the language of the country and from all of the corners we can hear: non problema instead of: it´s complicated. The people sing, kids play outside and the bottle of coke is 0,591 liters instead of 0,5 liters – everything is bigger, even silence. The most of the photos I took in Region de los lagos and Tierra del Fuego, the real end of the world just  1000 km from Antarctica. I don´t try at all to make objective document about this part of the world. What touched me the most was this silent largeness, which repeats and changes a bit all the same time, the forms of the nature so different and light full of force. Maybe it´s personal document without any judgment and particular message.
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