What´s the matter of our memories? While travelling and moving from one place to another we see the things, we make the photos, but what if I change what I saw? What if I go back in the story and change what I remember? Ferris wheel from Marktakert was absolutely destroyed when I saw it close to Azerbaijan border in the military zone. Forgoten place in Nagorno Karabagh where the memories of the people are absolutely different from mine. But there´s also memory of this wheel, that maybe one day was place of joy. 
The “rests” of Kobayr, the church close to Aygehat in Armenia, are there for hundreds of years. One of the two churches in Armenia where one can still see original frescoes, lost among the trees and stones – so typical for that country! What was their life, when the church was place of service, gatherings and life?
The statue made by a man, our host, from Dilijan. His statues, amazing and strange faces of his life, are just like that without any protection in his garden. All his life being general of KGB and went through several wars. When he got retired he started to do statues. There is no logical connection between being part of secret police and do statues, but maybe it was his way how to search for mercy and change the feeling of his memories.
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