There are two meanings to the word l’inspiration in French. To be inspired to dosomething and to inspirer/inhale the air.
Both of these meanings already signify some kind of movement.
Where´s the beginning of movement?
Where can we find the inspiration for our movement?
Movement is something ephemeral, indefinite, but at the same time very precise. Once it´s done it´s done. It´s like a melody of a composition, it has its own sound, tones and rhythms. It´s the melody of life, it´s not possible to stop it or even to catch it, it´s fading out and wraps the memories, memory of the body and impressions and unwind further and further, without judgement, it can only tend to some direction.
I´m not sure if it´s possible to make a photography of movement. What I try is to search for the fragility and the silence of movement, of the moment where it begins and ends, the exhalation before the inhalation.
To take photographs of dancers means to ask many questions without answers. There´s just a stream of energy, of the mood of the dancer and then…at some point the silence.
Movement is also silence, the calm of resting. It´s also the form and shape that´s the result of time and that allows to continue. It´s not only a flow, but also the realization of its possibilities.
And it´s also waiting for answers…
Photographs above: Alma Palacios, Oceane Pelpel, Pierre Bernard. These photographs I took during the art residencies in France and Belgium, while rehersals or trainings. Name of the project: Chair du monde, founder of the project: Emmanuelle Pépin ( I was sometimes allowed to go with my camera on the stage and move among the artists while training. I kindly thank for this possibility and reception of my presence.
Photos are made by several photographical techniques like cyanotype and oilprint. They are always the basis for the picture and I used sometimes aquarelle as well or different toning. I decided to make this series by using different techniques and colors, it´s part of my interpretation of the whole project. The series won the price: “Le prix de la ville de Vence” at the photofestival 7off 2015.
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