Mistakes are a very important part of my work. This three photographs create a little book, that could exist only because of many different mistakes I made and I had to deal with. And here's the story..when I was about to leave to Armenia I definitely wanted my Kodak brownie with me! But the problem was that this camera needs 127 film which is almost impossible to find. After some days of desperate searching all around Europe I found one film in my fridge. I was so happy I found this film, that I put it directly into my camera. But (there´s always some but) the film was already exposed.  I didn´t notice because I made myself believe, that the film is allright. The effect of this pre-exposition was also the fact that I didn´t know where the exact “place” for the “next image” was – so I made some kind of film flow which is a mixture of Italy (industrial area of Genova) and Armenia… The text I used for this tiny little book is a text of Sayat Nova, I saw for the very first time in the movie of Sergei Parajanov – Colours of Pomegranate
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